A private, not-for-profit education and research-oriented organization founded to alleviate un-necessary suffering and limitation,
helping children and adults discover and activate their potential for greater
health, happiness, intelligence and performance.



David Mumm, B.A. Psychology, founder, human development expert


John Starman, M.A. Biology, co-founder, qi gong trainer

Jon Cordas, Ph. D. Psychologist, business development, life coaching

Advisory Council Members


Dewey Meyers, M.D., Ph.D.

child psychiatrist, professor of neuro-biology

Benjamin Perkus, Ph.D. Psychologist - mind-body therapies,  author of  the Aroma Freedom Technique

Lloyd Katz, D.C. Chiropractor

mind-body therapies

Margaret McKivergin, R.N.

holistic clinic design consultant

former director of Holistic Nurses Association

Jon Cowan, Ph.D.

Inventor of Peak Achievement Trainer neurofeedback system

Susie Kossack, M.A., founder of children's mentoring program, sports education

Neal Newman, Ph.D., Psychologist