A Revolution is Underway in the Biological Sciences.

How health practitioners understand anatomy, physiology and psychology is changing dramatically. Thanks to the enormous amount of scientific research in the biological sciences and the global cultural exchanges occurring over the last 50 years we have emerging new  models, philosophies and treatments. The implications for better health care and higher quality of life for all are enormous!

The heart of this revolution, as we see it, is five key biological systems that are newly discovered, poorly understood and rarely utilized in Western health care.  Adding these elements dramatically changes the scientific model of a human being as taught in medical degree programs. These systems are:

1. Neuro-motor reflexes: foundation of development

2. Acu-meridians: the true mind-body connection

3. Functional neuro-circuits: e.g. for memory, social interaction, physical balance

4. Biology of emotions: the neuro-physiology of fear and shame

5. DNA: bio-photons, epigenetic expression, the mind-brain-gene dialogue


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