Accelerated Post-Trauma Reset

The Post Trauma Reset protocol activates natural healing and improvement. Balancing and optimizing the primitive parts of the nervous system switches the system out of its stressed state, allowing the individual to heal, flourish and move into long-lasting, higher levels of performance. Whole Brain Fitness’s  “How great could it be for you?” perspective stimulates and enables chronically-stressed veterans to shift their attention away from focusing on “disease” and turn their back on being victims. The results are dramatic, swift, unexpected and life-changing, markedly greater than merely reducing symptoms.

“The Post Trauma Reset Protocol integrates reflex manipulation with other mind/body practices to optimize brain functioning and body-mind balance. My psycho-physical performance has significantly improved after only two sessions and has remained optimized for the several months following the visits.”    Jon Cordas, PhD, veteran

Awakening The Sleeping Brain

Proposed Pilot Research Study

Can A Holistic Brain Wellness Program Cause

A More Complete Recovery from the Effects of Trauma?

The purpose of this investigation is to gather evidence confirming that the Post Trauma Reset Protocol, designed, developed and refined by David Mumm, can make a significant difference in recovery from trauma. This is a holistic educational and training program centered around “neuro-physiological balancing,” employing proactive wellness and positive psychology approaches to enable more full recovery, even when traditional medical approaches have been exhausted.


Based on 20 years experience working with thousands of people, the Post Trauma Reset creates significant and lasting improvement for people suffering with chronic symptoms from mild to moderate trauma.


The Post Trauma Reset Pilot Study is being systematically structured to scientifically quantify and qualify the degree, duration and character of results generated by the Post Trauma Reset protocol. We are confident that this research will document, verify and confirm the compelling evidence that this program, does indeed, represent a breakthrough in models, methods and, most importantly, effectiveness in trauma recovery.


This Pilot Study is essential for establishing a scientifically-verified research foundation that will give doctors and psychologists the confidence to refer patients to our program. The $30,000 we raise to complete the Pilot Study will be used to generate:


1.  a scientific white paper

2.  a published research study

3.  a no-charge program for veteran research subjects

4.  a video documentary of the results and methods

5.  a meta-analysis of over 200 client records,

     compiled over the 10-year development period of The Post Trauma Reset Program.


Our mission is to introduce this powerfully effective program throughout the health practitioner community, built upon a solid foundation of documented scientific knowledge that will enable this emerging discipline to continue to develop for many generations to come.


The above deliverables generated by this Pilot Study will give us sufficient credibility and power to attract additional funds for more sophisticated studies. Once the scientific viability of this work is established through the Post Trauma Reset Program Pilot Study, our intent is that it will ultimately be made available through 160 Pathways for Veteran centers across the country, as well as through other networks of holistic and complementary practitioners.


Message from Founder, David Mumm

As a human development expert, I have spent countless hours in inter-disciplinary study and have empowered thousands of people of all ages with mind-body therapies. The principles and techniques I have distilled into this powerful program are solid, strongly supported by the scientific literature. I believe that Post Trauma Reset is unrivaled in the world of holistic wellness for effectiveness, speed and safety. So now is the time! It is time to awaken health professionals to the exceptional results that are possible, enabling far more people on the trauma spectrum to more fully recover. Through your support of the Post Trauma Reset Pilot Program,we will not only relieve the vast, unnecessary suffering of our honored vets, but will also catalyze a great evolution in healthcare!


David Mumm Founder, Aurora Institute