Actualization Work to

Accelerate Healing and Development

Actualization Work is a mind-body psychology with a healing and change methodology that is responsive to these questions:

How do we fully actualize the potential of a human being?

What is a human being?

How can we relieve suffering?

How does chronic stress undermine health, intelligence and performance?

Most of us realize just a fraction of our human potential. We live only part of the life we are given." The Future of the Body, Michael Murphy

     Actualization Work is an Applied Developmental Neuro-Psychology developed by David Mumm.  It has methods and practices to accelerate a person’s realization of greater happiness, wellness, intelligence and accomplishment. It is aligned with principles of human development expressed in psychology, biology, neurology and sacred texts. Actualization Work is the culmination of over 30 years of learning and working in the fields of educational and clinical psychology, human healing and spirituality by David Mumm.

     Integral components of Actualization Work body-centered healing and transformational process, clearly distinguish it from training, motivational coaching and common goal-setting. Specifically, Actualization Work facilitates a body-centered, deep change process applied in a personal growth context. Skillfully integrating a seven-dimensional model of a human being, the philosophical framework, that is both existential (self-determining, self-responsible) and transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) generates an immense depth and breadth of space within which the healing and transformation might occur.


Key features of Actualization work:

  • A new model of human biology and psychology

  • A four stage body-centered change process

  • Neuro-communication method - mind-brain-gene dialogue

  • Dissolving chronic biological stress and optimizing functional neuro-circuits as the key to activating human potential

  • Achieving self-control as a neuro-physiological fulcrum point of child development

  • Understanding the neuro-physiology of virtuous action

  • Understanding neuro-physiology of intelligence

  • Uses applied chrono-biology principles

  • Skillful use of bio-therapeutic technology e.g., neuro-feedback, electromagnetics, laser

  • Accelerated trauma recovery methods

  •  Mind-body method for rapid recovery from concussions

  • Mind-body method to rapidly dissipate fear and anxiety

  • Mind-body method to rapidly dissipate shame

     While therapeutic effects on pain and dysfunction are often gained through Actualization Work that is not the primary intention. The primary intention of Actualization Work is to bring about greater psycho-physical integration to maximize the experience of happiness, intelligence and/or accomplishment. The fruits of Actualization Work are available through individually facilitated sessions, courses and seminars.