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​Developmental Delay may be caused by chronic bio-stress. Our children clients see rapid simultaneous improvement in many areas:





 •Emotional self-control

 •Physical growth

 •Language skills

 •Staying focused

 •Processing experience


Auditory Processing, Developmental Delay


Mom said her daughter seemed stuck in a fight or flight state. She had a wall up and came across as selfish - her way of protecting herself from the world. That wall has come down and she can see the kindness and caring of others.  She’s more open to let all that in.

She was so anxious, couldn’t get past that, just stuck there. Now that’s pretty well under control, she’s able to do things now that she wouldn’t have had a chance to do. Now she can.

She has more confidence. She is more willing to try new things, new foods.


She now has quick and accurate answers. Mom said: “I usually have to speak for her, but I was amazed!”

She always saw things negatively. Now she is seeing things positively, not always the dark side.

Improved coordination and motor control

Balance is a lot better when riding her scooter.

 She’s not running into stuff, falling over

This young man, 9 years old, had 5 diagnoses and had been on two meds for 5 years. He had a 3 hour session four days straight.

Awesome results! David's work, combining Brain Gym, his psychology background and the reflex work boosted my 13 year-old son's confidence. He has been able to move from a school for children with learning disabilities to a mainstream school, where he has excelled in schoolwork. - Cindy Perry, R.N​


“Thank you!  I have my son back! He had become so aggressive, angry and distant.  He is once again warm and cuddly, and in just a couple of sessions.”


-J.S., mom



“Our six year old has gone from last in his class in finishing his work to the top third after your program. His teacher no longer thinks he has attention deficit.”


-Sonya & David Brown