What Clients Say: Testimonials, Videos, Reports

Dissolving chronic bio-stress and optimizing bio-communication generates results for people in a variety of areas. As a research-oriented wellness center we organize data-collected from testing, video and audio recordings and client testimonials according to the following categories:

  • Children's Development

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Post-Traumatic Wellness

  • Performance and Personal Development

  • On the Spectrum

  • Aging Healthier, Smarter, Better

We are still in the early stages of developing full case studies.  However, videos  and comments of clients discussing their results are posted below.  In our next phase of development we will be able to collect validated pre and post test results in all areas of bio-fitness.

Those quoted are commenting on the experience and effects of Actualization Work(C) sessions and the Bio-Stress Relief System.(TM)

Derek - A.D.D. Problems Starting At Age 6