Declaration Of A New Arena Of Study

Let there be a field of study in today's Western science inquiring as to how we might more rapidly and easily develop the best qualities of ourselves, while reducing the lesser qualities. Let us build on our knowledge framework of the the human life cycle and examine how we might more consciously meet the challenges and opportunities of each stage of life with greater clarity and confidence, more conscious and satisfying lives could be generated easily for all humans.


When principles of human learning were deciphered by the early pioneers of "accelerated learning,"   ( they began to teach children and adults to learn, read and remember faster and easier. Similarly, accelerated human development principles help people to grow, heal and change faster and easier.

Accelerated Human Development offers an alternative to the ‘What is Wrong with You?’ disease model. Rather it sets us on the path of "How Great Could I Be?" Rapid results come from skillfully integrating  knowledge from diverse disciplines including human development, neuro-science, cognitive psychology, athletic science, naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine.

In this new discipline of knowledge we identify a new human services professional, a doctor of human development. Imagine a professional who was dedicated to you fully developing all of your potential for health, intelligence, special gifts and abilities.

How can we maximize the opportunities and minimize the pitfalls of each stage of life? How can we be healthier and stronger? How can we learn anything faster and easier? How can we develop the best habits and virtues? How can we perform at our best in music, dance, business or social interactions? These are a few questions we ask to form our knowledge on accelerating human development.

There is so much to discuss and discover within the Great Mystery which is Humans themselves!

May all humans be able to reach for vibrant health, and peace of mind!

May all be able to find truth, joy, love and the success they wish for in their lives!

David Mumm, January 9, 2017​