Welcome to the Aurora Bio-Fitness Institute!
We are a research-oriented wellness center dedicated to creating smarter, healthier and
all-around better humans by transforming chronic biological stress into biological fitness.
At the Aurora Center in Ithaca, New York, we help children and adults have greater vitality, intelligence and performance in all areas of life. We identify and dissolve chronic biological stress, and optimize bio-communication circuits while encouraging whole person fitness. Whole person fitness means brain fitness, physical fitness, mental fitness, cognitive fitness and social fitness.


Our mission is to bring light into an area of darkness: the epidemic of stress, trauma and toxins limiting people's ability to realize their highest potential. We offer real solutions for challenged children, the traumatized, the frustrated and the aging.

We are contributing to the field of applied neuro-psychology, generating theory and knowledge of how to fully develop and actualize human beings.  We are proposing a formal study and research  arena: Accelerated Human Development.

Our work is based on extensive study of scientific research in many areas of psychology, biology, neuro-science and modern human development.

Through our research we seek to better understand the impact of chronic biological stress, trauma and toxins on human development. We are pioneering methods to rapidly dissolve chronic bio-stress and optimize brain-body communication.

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 See the Results of the Bio-Stress Relief System

 Teenager's Athletic Ability Immediately Activated

by Optimizing Neuro-Circuitry Communication

"I came in as a complete skeptic, but over a period of time sharing clients together, I began to see some amazing results with the people David was working with, so I decided to become an advocate. I saw that I might be able to contribute something because of my scientific background. I have a Ph.D. and have researched for years too. I think you are fortunate to know David and to be part of this growing and changing view of how people heal and heal themselves."

 Dr. Dewey Meyers, M.D., Ph.D., Psychiatrist, Professor of Neurobiology

A Professor of Neuroscience Speaks