Integrated Neuro-Communication Theory

Introducing A New Model of Human Bio-Communication and Intelligence

by David Mumm

My theory of Integrated Neuro-Communication suggests that if a person's bio-communication pathways are optimized then they will experience greater health, intelligence and performance and an overall acceleration of their personal growth.  This is a holistic theory based I developed over a 30-year career of constant formal and informal learning, working with thousands of patients and clients.

Holistic Brain Theory

From a holistic perspective, the functions of the brain and its wiring, nerves, acu-meridians and other biological communication systems allow all the muscles, organs and systems of the body to be smoothly coordinated and responsive to the decisions of the person. As an information processor, the brain receives and sends signals in several innate languages. The "mind", defined as our feelings, perceptions, thoughts and choices, interacts in real time with the  physical, biochemical and electro-magnetic properties of the brain. Brain fitness could be seen as the most salient arena of health.

Holism in science, or holistic science, is an approach to research that emphasizes the study of complex systems. Systems are approached as coherent wholes whose component parts are best understood in context and in relation to one another and to the whole.

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These are the nine key components of a proposed new model of human information systems which may underlie activities of all systems of the body.

1. Functional neuro-connectivity

2. Neuro-motor reflexes

3. Acu-meridians

4. DNA information systems

5. Social engagement system

6. Neuro-biology of brain functions: movement, emotions, cognition, sensing, etc.

7. Chemical and electro-magnetic cell signaling

8. Human language as organic bio-communication - self-hypnosis

9. State-dependency: sympathetic versus para-sympathetic nervous system activation

Knowledge from these systems are the source of the principles and methods used in the Bio-Stress Relief System. While they are virtually unknown in the halls of Western medical and psychological treatments, we see them as key to the process of accelerating human development. All are involved in biological communication. When they are optimized the person and all of their systems appear to act with greater efficiency and intelligence.

The scientific basis for our methods derives from several branches of  human development including developmental neuro-psychology, neuro-physiology, learning and cognition. The success of the Whole Brain Fitness Program and its evidence-based practices heralds a real paradigm shift in how we understand and approach self-actualization.

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