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Dissolving Chronic Bio-Stress resets neuro-physiological circuits and thereby accelerates recovery.  It is truly a mind-body phenomenon.  We release fight/flight/freeze states, reactive emotions tied to memories, flawed perceptions and out-dated beliefs.

Key neuro-circuits addressed include:

the moro reflex

limbic system


and sensory systems.

Jacob - Football Concussion

Recently, we recieved a letter from Jacob's family, after his treatment at the Aurora Institute:


"I had to write to you to thank you again for everything you have done for Jacob and our family. We came to you in a time of desperation, when we were struggling to figure our next steps. What you gave back to our family was something we will always be grateful for.


It has been a month and we are happy to say that we have our Jacob back. He has not had the headaches and has not been taking any medication since his appointment with David. His grades have improved and his personality is one we remember. We will always be grateful. Thanks for everything!


Love Matt, Marie, Jake, and Meg"

Constant Hearing Echo for 12 Years After Work Accident