Accelerated Human Development

The Accelerated Human Development perspective offers  a “next wave” scientific approach that could dramatically improve the quality of everyone's life.  Accelerated Human Development is proposed as a branch of the modern study of normal development and changes across the lifespan. University doctoral programs in human development are generally an amalgam of knowledge from psychology, sociology, neuroscience and medical science.

In this new discipline we identify principles and devise conscious strategies which maximize the harvest of our potential for vitality, learning, and performance in all stages of life. Accelerated Human Development proposes to collect and create knowledge that could help each and every person be smarter, healthier, and all-around better.

Here's our basic 'recipe" to accelerate a person's healing and development:

1. Facilitate the person to be in  a conscious, self-responsible,

    co-creative state, receptive to change.

2. Identify chronic psycho-biological stressors.

3. Dissolve the chronic psycho-biological stressors.

4. Optimize bio-communication circuits for "total bio-fitness" (brain fitness, physical fitness, mental fitness, cognitive fitness and social fitness)

5. Nurture and challenge the person to act newly and resourcefully.

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